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Simhong ([personal profile] invicta) wrote on November 10th, 2012 at 12:23 am

Obligatory "it's over" post:

Well, yeah. Doesn't feel very different. Still getting the "what are you doing you should be studying" pangs every five minutes. My study room is still cluttered with work. The portable consoles and the Kindle have all been dead for weeks.

The only indicators showing that this whole mess is over are 1) going out every day and getting myself exhausted before I even get home i.e. kinect party & crazy adventure at ECP and 2) the newly mounted PS3 on my coffee table in front of the TV. Complete with FFXIII.

Finally got myself a PS3 about 4 years too late, but eh. Didn't know if this was a wise choice considering PS4 might be out soon, but Vita, despite having P4P, is really not worth it with its shitty as heck battery life.

In other news, 4 chapters in FFXIII and well. Snow is annoying, Sazh is awkward, Hope is an extremely irritating wimp, and Vanille is positively infuriating at times. Lightning is badass, however, and very much so, though she needs to talk faster, pretty please.

Trying to find a job outside of shadowing a lawyer as it'll be pretty weird to do that for two whole months? Plus there's little to no pay, and money for games/clothes/etc. has to come from somewhere, so...

Eh, the medicines are finally kicking in, so ciao good night sweet dreams xoxo so glad I don't have to study tomorrow or maybe just FOREVER

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