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Simhong ([personal profile] invicta) wrote on December 3rd, 2012 at 06:07 pm
days, weeks, months

My days go somewhat like this: nights end at 3am, days begin at 12 pm. It's not a healthy sort of lifestyle, but it sure is the laziest kind. Sometimes my days consist of going out and having social interaction; other days I prefer to stay at home in isolation with all the time in the world to read/sleep/play games. Isolation can be pretty damn fun.

Notable days are the outings with the Vikings (more on that later), grad night and campfire night. They were all really exciting, if you ask me. There were the disappointing moments, but I suppose that's how it is sometimes. Grad night was hella tiring but everyone looked so hot hahahah, and campfire night was great because I got to see all my beloved OALB!

It has yet to sink in that my OALB life is really truly over.


After redcamp, there are outings once every week with either my subtribe or my entire tribe, and I lovelovelove these days. The pre-outing usually has me feeling like the most tired piece of shit ever, and predictable thoughts of 'should I even go should I just stay home' coming from one who is too lazy to travel up and down this dumb hill my house is situated on just to head to the designated meeting place.

The outing, obviously, is an entirely different story. The first outing with the subtribe was to town to have dinner-- well, we ended up 'lepak-ing' before it all, and even after dinner it was still 'lepak-ing'. Certainly sound rather boring, though it was the complete opposite of boring. The conversations and the people make it fun :)

And the most recent one, which happened yesterday, was an explosion of fun and general craziness. Played frisbee and soccer, both sports of which I absolutely suck at, and though my calves are protesting and my toes seem to hurt like mad, I don't think I'd sit back in any of those games if I had the chance too. Made more friends from the beach outing. I'd also like to declare Palawan beach the nicest beach in Singapore, because every other beach (read: East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Changi beach, Pasir Ris beach) all look like shit compared to it. I suppose they only bother to clean the beaches in Sentosa up considering it's such a prominent tourist spot. Lepak-ed at Vivo after that. I guess our favourite activity has to be 'lepak-ing', which is basically stoning and talking and doing absolutely nothing.

Also of note was the train ride home with the burdens, whereby we almost almost ALMOST went to play LAN when we stopped at Dhoby. Like, walked to the LAN shop almost. It was also nearing midnight, and most definitely a Bad Life Choice, but luckily we decided against it at the end. I won't deny breathing a sigh of relief. Sure, the guys offered to sponsor me a cab ride home, but I'm not too keen on going to a LAN shop at midnight. Going to play on Thursday afternooon though, so. Hmm.

Kind of sad that I won't be able to make it for the Botak Jones outing this week, but eh. Hongkong calls, and I can have steak and other kinds of delicacies in Hongkong too, right? Right? Right.


Well, to be completely accurate, it's only been a month (or less). Whatever. Overall, it's been a pretty cool month. On the entirely negative side, it's a month closer to the release of results and inevitably school. This shit sucks. I would like to have more of holidays, especially when the current long break is bereft of homework and extra lessons and Other Responsibilities.
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