26 November 2011 @ 11:31 pm
It's been a rough week with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

& as the years go by, I'll think of you and sigh, it's just goodnight and not goodbye. )

What an emotional post...
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20 November 2011 @ 02:29 pm
Hey guys! So the past week I've been to Australia (Blue Mountains + Sydney), and yeah, it was awesome. I think part of the reason why it was so fun was really because I had my friends with me, and even though there was times we'd walk back to the hostel with blisters on our feet it was still ridiculously fun, nonetheless.

In any case, this post is definitely not going to do the trip justice, because yours truly is too lazy to post up photos and whatnot, but I think any kind of art form or whatever will never do fun times justice. The clearest part of it all can only reside in memory, but whatever.

Day One: Touchdown in Australia and off to Blue Mountains! The feeling of being in Australia was rather surreal, by the way. It didn't feel as if I was on a school trip overseas. Even as we ate in Australia-owned places like the Red Rooster and went to Coles, it just felt like I was in some alternative-reality part of Singapore. Which definitely wasn't the case.... I think. In any case, the first day passed by like a flash. We went up the sky rail on the Blue Mountains, learnt about the history of the Three Sisters, walked to Coles from Blue Mountains YHA (which was really nice, minus the dead flies all over the window sill), and it all felt so. Westernized. I also felt like a country girl for the first time in my life and decided (for about two days) that that was the kind of life I wanted. But more on that later..

Day Two: We packed up and went off to the Jenolan Caves! THAT PLACE IS REALLY GORGEOUS, I TELL YOU. The river was a pretty shade of turquoise, and we all just about went mad with excitement. Blue, pretty rivers are not available in Singapore. And the caves themselves were absolutely fabulous. The interior was just about decorated with crystals!! And it really helped that there were so many Greek mythology references in the caves, hahah. The stream running at the bottom of the cave is called the River Styx! :) After that we had some poetry writing so this was actually really the most educational day out of it all HAHAH. After that, we were off to Sydney and we did some sight-seeing, but mostly it was all just us running around and learning how to walk back to The Rocks YHA, where we were staying (it was awesome btw, we had an en-suite bathroom and everything and it was as cool as a hotel, only way cheaper).

Day Three: Went to the third Annual Sutherland Shire Writer's Festival, which I honestly have to say was.... really, really boring. The books I bought were good, but the festival itself was.. You'd think a festival would be held outdoors right? WRONG. It was held in the Australian College of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. No joke!!! That was the sign on the door. But whatever!! After that there was a cool tour at The Rocks Discovery Museum, then we got ourselves some Starbucks and yeah.

Day Four: Day four was probably the most exciting and the most rushed day! The first place we went to in the morning was Bondi beach! Bondi beach seriously just.. shattered the illusion of the so-called "beaches" in Singapore. No "beach" in Singapore even comes close to Bondi beach, I swear!!!! The sand was so soft and everything and yeah basically it's the best beach I've been to. Yet. We saw some nice houses/apartments on the way back and that was when I decided that I am indeed a city girl. I would probably get bored of the country life really quickly.. Either way, our next stop was the NSW State Library in Sydney and being in the place was like being in Hogwarts. They gave us all library cards (which we obviously will never be able to use unless we go there again...) but yeah, I'm still in awe of the place! Oh, we went to watch a play in the Sydney Opera House that day as well! It was a play by Harold Pinter called No Man's Land, and I'm sure it was meant to be really amusing (satire...?) but being young girls we couldn't take the "delve deeper if you want to find it funny" script and the non-changing backdrop so most of us kinda, sorta, just fell asleep. It was really cool to watch though! Even though most of it made no sense to us but still. 

Day five: We had an art workshop that day! We were supposed to paint boomerangs in the Aboriginal style, but being the kind of person with completely zero artistic talent.. You can imagine how that turned out. Anyway, I got quite annoyed of painting after awhile so I got the great idea to just use my fingers and the teacher of the workshop looked over and she was like..

Teacher: Wow, this table looks like they've got very good ideas for their boomerangs! (looks at other people's boomerangs) Oh, yes, that's very good! Yep, nice! I like your design!

(looks over at my boomerang) (pauses for a long, long time)

Teacher: Oh, um, wow!! She's doing abstract art!!


But yes, that was how bad it was. Anyway, the highlight of the day had to be having high tea at the Queen Victoria Building. Like, really high tea. Like high class tea. We had Earl Grey and Peppermint and all kinds of tea, plus scones and other small treats, like a true English high tea. I would like to say I felt like a true English lady at the point of time, but truthfully? THE PORTIONS WERE WAY TOO SMALL, I WAS STILL STARVING AFTER WE WERE DONE. More museums after that, and at night we went for The Rocks Ghost Tour which initially scared the shit out of me. But not anymore. I think..

Day Six: Last day! We went to the University of New South Wales (which was really gorgeous) and that made me feel like I should study harder to get into a cool uni like that one, but since getting home I've actually done nothing but sleep. I will work harder.. soon. Then we had a picnic with pies at the royal botanic garden or something like that and we lay around on the grass and looked at pretty roses of all colours and everything and SIGH


Either way, COALs is tomorrow, I feel really unprepared.
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28 October 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Teal is my new favourite word after it being the subject of argument between Weiqi and I. I am proud to announce that yes, one of the new COALs shirt colour is indeed, teal and not turquoise. HEHEHEHE TOLD YA SO

Speaking of COALs, I'm no longer Instructor of Indigo. There was a major switch, and now I'm in Bravo with Jayne and Weiqi. I really like my campers hahah I find them really cute and amusing. And it's nice that they aren't at all awkward with each other. COALs is already shaping up to be a really fun experience..

Today's the official last day of school, though there's still one more week of extended lessons so I don't see the point. And training.. God, I'm just so sick and tired of school. The past few days being sick were horrible, but the life of a hermit was fabulous. I played Pokemon and Dissidia Duodecim again (owned Weiqi on the first day back on Pokemon btw HAHAHA) and.. yeah, but no more. At least, until Chinese O's are over.. Hanlaoshi's gone mad, I swear. This weekend I have 3 chinese papers, 3 compos and 2 letters to complete. 

The only way I'm gonna complete them is constantly questioning myself how badly I want that A1, and it's really badly.

My results SUCK. I didn't fail anything, but the only subject I actually really improved in was Literature. Gotta keep that one up and pull everything else up. Brutal honesty
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