26 November 2011 @ 11:31 pm
It's been a rough week with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

& as the years go by, I'll think of you and sigh, it's just goodnight and not goodbye. )

What an emotional post...
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31 August 2011 @ 11:45 pm
one step at a time  
Hi everyone holidays are coming!!! Except not really, because they are to be holidays for self-study. And training. Oh well

In another half-hour, it'll be Teachers'/Coaches' Day! We're supposedly meant to give gifts to our teachers and coaches, but instead, Mr Chue and Ms Poon gave the OALB presents. And they're pretty cool presents to start with..

kungfu )

Good night hahahaha
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14 August 2011 @ 12:16 am
amazement, wonder-ment?  
Hello friends, it's the common tests period now, and.. And it sucks. What's new? It's pretty much like exams, just without the aircon. The worst thing is after this we barely have another month to gear up for the final exams of the year.

Sometimes I wonder if the people managing the education system around here remember that we're still human..

Going to watch Voca People with Zhenrong later on tomorrow (today, rather), and I'm excited! It's like Glee with white paint. Speaking of Glee, I can't wait for Glee Live 3D to hit theatres here HAHAHAHA!! Arinah, Mansy and I are gonna prebook tickets and watch and shop at H&M which is going to open soon as well.

Sometimes we do need a breather.

I think the me in the very near future is going to scoff if I say that I'm stressed now, so no, I'm not stressed. But it's coming soon, the rest of what lies ahead... I'm excited! God, give me broader shoulders to take on all these new things coming my way.

P.S. I am a horrible QM 2nd I/C HAHAHA I just saw the Guides proposal in my email today for the compasses, and apparently they borrowed them last Thursday. LAST THURSDAY, AND I ONLY FOUND OUT TODAY!!! So much for having to keep track of everything in the QM store, I don't even know where the twine and scissors are being kept in there. Also, I think I may be allergic to dust and the store is just..... very dusty.

Fail Hong, fail.
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