25 March 2012 @ 11:50 pm
While trying to write up on my boring life just now, my computer crashed. I think that's it's way of telling me that my life is too boring to write about. Hahahaha..

Apparently there are only about 210 more days to O levels. I used to lament that time passed too slowly. Now though.. even torturous weekdays don't seem that long anymore. A day with four periods of math doesn't feel as bad as it should feel (sans the 'my brain cells are all gone' feeling) and even with the longer school days.. it just feels kind of normal. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't know. I certainly feel robbed of my 24 hours though.

Without track and OALB to occupy me, I've been very free. Too free, in fact. Still not very used to not having anything to do after school. Being too free isn't a very good thing, I think. 

(insert awkward ending here because I'm too lazy to type anymore)
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31 March 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Month of March.

Life-ruiner month, seriously. All the cool games came out.. and I now cannot catch up with my Chemistry and Math. Someone please save me.

I have 3 conspiracy theories of Pokemon Black and I am pretty sure I can start writing a thesis on Dissidia 012 FML

And 012 REFUSES to let me transfer my old save data over adjfbadjkbfabgabg meanasses.

Also, I need to stop looking like a balloon when I run. I need to cultivate a dao killer face. And I need to.. Start doing homework. And study.

Things in school have calmed down a bit. I think some really unexpected things have happened, sigh. And I don't think I deserve whatever I've been given. I'm not good enough. So many people are better, and I feel like I've kinda taken their opportunity and stuff..

Congrats on GWH, Cedar Dancers! I pray that all the Performing Arts groups all get Gold with Honors for SYF this year, and all the sports teams are National Top 3. And I hope that no one else gets injured. No more injuries. No more.

Motivation. Find it.
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