14 April 2012 @ 05:01 pm
Short list of events that have made an impression on me these past few weeks:
  • Arts Fest day one-- CLDDS was surprisingly good!
  • April Fools Day
  • Two days after AFD-- Pranked Nicole w many many people (mansy sham audrey vania etc. etc.) and she laughed until she cried
  • Earth Hour 2012-- celebrated it in Orchard w Alicia, Emzy, and Gloria. kind of fail because a) we arrived at the event a little too late b) the lights in Orchard didn't exactly all go off... c) went around doing stuff unrelated to Earth Hour in the end (eg. A&F which kind of scarred Gloria)
  • Last track nats finals-- pretty bad all thanks to the rain, but that's okay. at least it was eventful. thank you sec threes for trying your best to make everything okay. it was appreciated greatly.
  • Arts Fest day two-- so proud of all the performers! ELDDS was really really awesome (and extremely touching) and dance was interesting, as always. :)
Prelim one in a week or so, this year is flying by just a little too quickly.
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28 October 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Teal is my new favourite word after it being the subject of argument between Weiqi and I. I am proud to announce that yes, one of the new COALs shirt colour is indeed, teal and not turquoise. HEHEHEHE TOLD YA SO

Speaking of COALs, I'm no longer Instructor of Indigo. There was a major switch, and now I'm in Bravo with Jayne and Weiqi. I really like my campers hahah I find them really cute and amusing. And it's nice that they aren't at all awkward with each other. COALs is already shaping up to be a really fun experience..

Today's the official last day of school, though there's still one more week of extended lessons so I don't see the point. And training.. God, I'm just so sick and tired of school. The past few days being sick were horrible, but the life of a hermit was fabulous. I played Pokemon and Dissidia Duodecim again (owned Weiqi on the first day back on Pokemon btw HAHAHA) and.. yeah, but no more. At least, until Chinese O's are over.. Hanlaoshi's gone mad, I swear. This weekend I have 3 chinese papers, 3 compos and 2 letters to complete. 

The only way I'm gonna complete them is constantly questioning myself how badly I want that A1, and it's really badly.

My results SUCK. I didn't fail anything, but the only subject I actually really improved in was Literature. Gotta keep that one up and pull everything else up. Brutal honesty
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31 August 2011 @ 11:45 pm
one step at a time  
Hi everyone holidays are coming!!! Except not really, because they are to be holidays for self-study. And training. Oh well

In another half-hour, it'll be Teachers'/Coaches' Day! We're supposedly meant to give gifts to our teachers and coaches, but instead, Mr Chue and Ms Poon gave the OALB presents. And they're pretty cool presents to start with..

kungfu )

Good night hahahaha
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02 July 2011 @ 10:56 pm
plant life  

Oddly fitting my mood these days hahaha

School has barely even started, but I feel like it's already sucking my life force away.. Can I please fly to the States and have summer holidays then come back for school? First week of school and it's hectic.

Oh, then there's Sports Day.. I think jiaolian wants us to sweep it all or something. No thank you.. Can I take a MC for 400m? I will never understand why it's compulsory to run 400m. Isn't that a middle-distance event? Last year's 400m was bad enough, and that was only relay. Not participating in any relays this year, hahah.. And for the first time ever, I am dreading Sports Day.

Have a huge feeling we're going to start planning for Coals very soon. This isn't in a pessimistic tone, but hello to long nights and long afternoons, countless proposals and probably a lot of swearing at a certain somebody and.. A whole lot of stress. That's okay though, it takes my mind of things.

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