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Simhong ([personal profile] invicta) wrote2012-04-14 05:01 pm
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Short list of events that have made an impression on me these past few weeks:
  • Arts Fest day one-- CLDDS was surprisingly good!
  • April Fools Day
  • Two days after AFD-- Pranked Nicole w many many people (mansy sham audrey vania etc. etc.) and she laughed until she cried
  • Earth Hour 2012-- celebrated it in Orchard w Alicia, Emzy, and Gloria. kind of fail because a) we arrived at the event a little too late b) the lights in Orchard didn't exactly all go off... c) went around doing stuff unrelated to Earth Hour in the end (eg. A&F which kind of scarred Gloria)
  • Last track nats finals-- pretty bad all thanks to the rain, but that's okay. at least it was eventful. thank you sec threes for trying your best to make everything okay. it was appreciated greatly.
  • Arts Fest day two-- so proud of all the performers! ELDDS was really really awesome (and extremely touching) and dance was interesting, as always. :)
Prelim one in a week or so, this year is flying by just a little too quickly.

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