03 December 2012 @ 06:07 pm
days, weeks, months  

My days go somewhat like this: nights end at 3am, days begin at 12 pm. It's not a healthy sort of lifestyle, but it sure is the laziest kind. Sometimes my days consist of going out and having social interaction; other days I prefer to stay at home in isolation with all the time in the world to read/sleep/play games. Isolation can be pretty damn fun.

Notable days are the outings with the Vikings (more on that later), grad night and campfire night. They were all really exciting, if you ask me. There were the disappointing moments, but I suppose that's how it is sometimes. Grad night was hella tiring but everyone looked so hot hahahah, and campfire night was great because I got to see all my beloved OALB!

It has yet to sink in that my OALB life is really truly over.


After redcamp, there are outings once every week with either my subtribe or my entire tribe, and I lovelovelove these days. The pre-outing usually has me feeling like the most tired piece of shit ever, and predictable thoughts of 'should I even go should I just stay home' coming from one who is too lazy to travel up and down this dumb hill my house is situated on just to head to the designated meeting place.

The outing, obviously, is an entirely different story. The first outing with the subtribe was to town to have dinner-- well, we ended up 'lepak-ing' before it all, and even after dinner it was still 'lepak-ing'. Certainly sound rather boring, though it was the complete opposite of boring. The conversations and the people make it fun :)

And the most recent one, which happened yesterday, was an explosion of fun and general craziness. Played frisbee and soccer, both sports of which I absolutely suck at, and though my calves are protesting and my toes seem to hurt like mad, I don't think I'd sit back in any of those games if I had the chance too. Made more friends from the beach outing. I'd also like to declare Palawan beach the nicest beach in Singapore, because every other beach (read: East Coast Park, West Coast Park, Changi beach, Pasir Ris beach) all look like shit compared to it. I suppose they only bother to clean the beaches in Sentosa up considering it's such a prominent tourist spot. Lepak-ed at Vivo after that. I guess our favourite activity has to be 'lepak-ing', which is basically stoning and talking and doing absolutely nothing.

Also of note was the train ride home with the burdens, whereby we almost almost ALMOST went to play LAN when we stopped at Dhoby. Like, walked to the LAN shop almost. It was also nearing midnight, and most definitely a Bad Life Choice, but luckily we decided against it at the end. I won't deny breathing a sigh of relief. Sure, the guys offered to sponsor me a cab ride home, but I'm not too keen on going to a LAN shop at midnight. Going to play on Thursday afternooon though, so. Hmm.

Kind of sad that I won't be able to make it for the Botak Jones outing this week, but eh. Hongkong calls, and I can have steak and other kinds of delicacies in Hongkong too, right? Right? Right.


Well, to be completely accurate, it's only been a month (or less). Whatever. Overall, it's been a pretty cool month. On the entirely negative side, it's a month closer to the release of results and inevitably school. This shit sucks. I would like to have more of holidays, especially when the current long break is bereft of homework and extra lessons and Other Responsibilities.
24 November 2012 @ 12:01 am
Feeling super duper whooper sad today because redcamp is over and as it is with all camps, I am having the camp hangover.

Gotta admit, I know nothing much of poly and poly has never really been my first choice, mostly due to influence from the parental front and what I want to do in the future, but redcamp really redefined my views. Poly is so, so, tempting now. And although a JC will always be my first choice, Ngee Ann Poly's definitely my backup. REDCAMP WAS SO AMAZING. 

Made so many friends in redcamp! The awesome SLs from the Vikings: Sonia, Galen, Enqi, Samuel, Weitian and many many more; the St Theresa girls, the two Barker boys, and the huge Cat High group. Yeah, it was all pretty darn amazing. My one regret is not taking enough pictures :( AND AND AND, I was so well fed at redcamp. My diet, on a typical holiday at home, usually consists of cheerios, milk, air, air, air, bread, and maggi. At redcamp we were fed takeouts from Seoul Garden; one night we had really nice Japanese takeout, and for the last night dinner consisted of 3 pieces of pizza and fries from Pasta Mania for each of us. I really just. Couldn't believe it was all free. Mehhhh gonna let the pictures do the talking now because SO DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW


V FOR VIKINGS!!!! Great 3 days spent. :)
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10 November 2012 @ 12:23 am

Obligatory "it's over" post:

Well, yeah. Doesn't feel very different. Still getting the "what are you doing you should be studying" pangs every five minutes. My study room is still cluttered with work. The portable consoles and the Kindle have all been dead for weeks.

The only indicators showing that this whole mess is over are 1) going out every day and getting myself exhausted before I even get home i.e. kinect party & crazy adventure at ECP and 2) the newly mounted PS3 on my coffee table in front of the TV. Complete with FFXIII.

Finally got myself a PS3 about 4 years too late, but eh. Didn't know if this was a wise choice considering PS4 might be out soon, but Vita, despite having P4P, is really not worth it with its shitty as heck battery life.

In other news, 4 chapters in FFXIII and well. Snow is annoying, Sazh is awkward, Hope is an extremely irritating wimp, and Vanille is positively infuriating at times. Lightning is badass, however, and very much so, though she needs to talk faster, pretty please.

Trying to find a job outside of shadowing a lawyer as it'll be pretty weird to do that for two whole months? Plus there's little to no pay, and money for games/clothes/etc. has to come from somewhere, so...

Eh, the medicines are finally kicking in, so ciao good night sweet dreams xoxo so glad I don't have to study tomorrow or maybe just FOREVER

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25 September 2012 @ 07:16 pm
Did this really odd test that I found from [ profile] breyzyyin --

You are an Autonomous Striver, with Hidden Strength:

Your responses indicate a desire to overcome a persistent feeling of emptiness or dissatisfaction. You believe life should have more to offer, and fear you have somehow not achieved everything you deserve.

Your desire for legitimate respect and success has led to increasing anxiety. Consequently, you no longer exhibit some of the friendliness and openness for which you were once known.

Similarly, you fear being overly influenced by others. You are often fiercely independent, which sometimes leads to being resistant to the opinions of friends and relatives — even to the point of denying what you fear may actually be true.

This behavior stems from your wish to be regarded as an authority. It leads you to react strongly when you suspect you might be wrong. At times you feel that too much is being asked of you, and that you are not properly recognized for your efforts. This situation — be it fueled by others’ jealousy or negligence — adds to the stress in your life.

Luckily, your determination is unyielding. Unlike others facing similar adversity, you forge ahead despite the challenges. Through strength of will or simple endurance, you are unique in your ability to withstand the troubles of a complicated life.

Huh. Interesting.

09 September 2012 @ 01:57 am
"You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present." -- Alaska Young in 'Looking for Alaska' by John Green.

Looking for Alaska isn't the best book out there, and neither is it some sort of classic must-read like To Kill a Mockingbird, but it's real. Not realistic, per se, but it represents a lot of my thoughts as I am now, and I think that's why it's so popular among teenagers as of late. It speaks for us in a sense, I suppose.

Alaska Young isn't also exactly 'coolest character ever' material, too. She's self-destructive, drinks and smokes too much, even promiscuous at times, but in some way she represents how we want to be in those moments when we feel so damn caged up and forced into a corner, with the kind of reckless 'I don't care about my life anymore' personality. Maybe that's why she's such an appealing character, I suppose. Because her recklessness and self-destruction is as appalling as it is admirable.

And why am I writing this at 2am in the morning? No particular reason, except to organize some of my 'awry' thoughts before O's, at the risk of sounding like the pretentious angst-plagued 16 year old teenager I really am (although I guess there's no risk there since I am already kind of like that...) The biggest part of reading this book was that line up there, which kind of sort of shattered me to pieces because that's exactly what I've been doing the past few months. Dreaming about my life after, just to escape the pressing reality that my entire future lies in the hands of these examiners who will be reading my painstakingly written scripts. 

It is a rather odd feeling to know that practically how the rest of your life plays out depends on a stack of papers and people you've never met trying to put a grade to what is ultimately your end-products from a tiring year of slogging your brains out. 

Oh, well...
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09 August 2012 @ 11:09 pm

My country, you guys. So amused hahah
02 July 2012 @ 11:44 pm

Daring myself to move. Less than 4 months to go.
28 May 2012 @ 12:52 am
Did pretty (dare I say it?) well for Prelim One. By my standards, at least. I guess my L1R5 was.. satisfactory, although I did manage to fail chemistry and (fml) Higher Chinese.

And here am I, a day into June holidays, and getting just a tad bit lazy and complacent, as always. So disgusted with myself ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I really hate everybody but the one I hate most is myself
08 May 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Ode to Biology  

Ha ha ha just kidding, it's a mindless rant on bio tomorrow (which also equals to procrastination).

Four periods of Biology amongst my other seven subjects each week. I have absolutely no clue how bio is the only subject I manage to sleep in. My mind is there in every other subject, and then... There's just bio.

Although it may have something to do with the fact that biology double period falls on the first slot on Mondays and is basically the first period of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

So screwed for tomorrow, really feel going completely hysterical, but.... Ahahaha.

P.S. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have gotten a Blackberry instead of this iPhone because it's really really distracting....

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05 May 2012 @ 05:42 pm
here's the situation  
Prelim one happens in slightly less than three days for now.

My chemistry and geography is half-assed. My biology is more than half-assed. My literature is full-assed. Let's not even delve into mathematics, though that's the least of my worries. 

Point is, I'm not even being serious about this. It really hasn't sunk in at all, the fact the exams are in less than three days. To be honest, I'm not that worried about literature, since it's always been a last minute effort thing to me, but seriously. Biology. 22 chapters of stuff I don't care about (learning about humans is fine, learning about plants?? I couldn't care less, really.) and Chemistry with stupid shitty QA and organic chemistry -_- Don't even get me started on Geog. I think it's terribly stupid to have to study one topic of natural geog and human geog. Human geog is so.. good compared to natural geog. Goodness gracious, natural vegetation. I really have no interest in forests and tropical monsoon forests and deciduous leaves and deforestation in Kalimantan. The only good thing I have to say about natural vegetation is that at least it's more interesting than rivers and coasts.. which is a negative on the interesting scale already.

"If you find O levels tiring, A levels will kill you." I guess A levels will probably cut me up into equal pieces, douse me with petroleum (made from cracking of large hydrocarbons, ha ha) and set me on fire. I'm sure it'll feel nice to be a greenhouse gas for just a moment.

Boo, can't wait for the next three years of my life to be over already HAHAHAHAHA
14 April 2012 @ 05:01 pm
Short list of events that have made an impression on me these past few weeks:
  • Arts Fest day one-- CLDDS was surprisingly good!
  • April Fools Day
  • Two days after AFD-- Pranked Nicole w many many people (mansy sham audrey vania etc. etc.) and she laughed until she cried
  • Earth Hour 2012-- celebrated it in Orchard w Alicia, Emzy, and Gloria. kind of fail because a) we arrived at the event a little too late b) the lights in Orchard didn't exactly all go off... c) went around doing stuff unrelated to Earth Hour in the end (eg. A&F which kind of scarred Gloria)
  • Last track nats finals-- pretty bad all thanks to the rain, but that's okay. at least it was eventful. thank you sec threes for trying your best to make everything okay. it was appreciated greatly.
  • Arts Fest day two-- so proud of all the performers! ELDDS was really really awesome (and extremely touching) and dance was interesting, as always. :)
Prelim one in a week or so, this year is flying by just a little too quickly.
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25 March 2012 @ 11:50 pm
While trying to write up on my boring life just now, my computer crashed. I think that's it's way of telling me that my life is too boring to write about. Hahahaha..

Apparently there are only about 210 more days to O levels. I used to lament that time passed too slowly. Now though.. even torturous weekdays don't seem that long anymore. A day with four periods of math doesn't feel as bad as it should feel (sans the 'my brain cells are all gone' feeling) and even with the longer school days.. it just feels kind of normal. Maybe that's a good thing. I don't know. I certainly feel robbed of my 24 hours though.

Without track and OALB to occupy me, I've been very free. Too free, in fact. Still not very used to not having anything to do after school. Being too free isn't a very good thing, I think. 

(insert awkward ending here because I'm too lazy to type anymore)
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02 March 2012 @ 10:32 pm
maybe a little more than overdue  
Still not ready to blog about OAC'12 yet.

Still not ready to face the end of my OALB journey yet.
03 February 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Fridays are always "impromptu-heart-attack!!" days. 

It's been interesting being in Obs. It's the busiest I've ever felt ever since being in the OALB. It's scary, it's fun, and it's very time-consuming. I hope things continue to go smoothly.

Secondary four life has left me with little to no time for rest. I'm guessing there will be more time after I step down from all the commitments and all that, but then school just won't be the same. Well.. seems like a real crazy ride.................
15 January 2012 @ 11:13 pm
it's been awhile  
Haven't touched this computer in about two weeks because a) school is so draining b) smartphones are taking over the world and therefore there is no need for the computer.

On a very sad note, my computer has contracted a Trojan virus. ): oh well.....

So yes, school has been very draining, the past two weeks has been equivalent to a terrible hurricane, but among all that chaos there have been some moments of fun and joy. I find myself worrying constantly (and a little too much) about my future and over thinking a lot about everything else. Conclusion: uncertainty is terrifying.

My mind is, unfortunately, terribly skewered right now because it's past my new bed time (11pm woohooooo) and there's too many things in my head right now.

Turning 16 soon, don't really know whether I should be looking forward to it or not.
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01 January 2012 @ 04:10 am
hello twenty-twelve.  
2011 flew by like a plane on steroids.

Still not feeling the transition between 2011 to 2012, but one thing I do feel is the unpreparedness. O-levels. It's not going to be easy, but it's not like I have a way out of it either, so.

New year resolutions:

1) Study hard. Study really hard. Less play.
2) Plan OAC'12 to be a great success.
3) Make what's left of training worth.
4) Not let my one-star kayaking cert go to waste hahah
5) Be a better person overall.

Well, hello twenty-twelve!
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11 December 2011 @ 10:24 pm
The Zac Efron+Pokemon Connection  
High School Musical 2 was showing on Disney channel just now, and while Troy was singing 'Bet on It', I couldn't stop laughing hysterically.

Partly because of the reflection in the river scene, that reminded me a lot of a scene from Lion King 2. But mostly it was due to this video that I vaguely remember watching in Secondary 1 or 2..

STILL makes me laugh hysterically
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09 December 2011 @ 02:17 am
well, well, well..  
So I finally sat down and replayed Crisis Core's last chapter again (though it was supposed to be homework time).. And even though I still teared at Zack's death, it felt nice. It felt nice having time to finally sit down and play a video game hahahaha. This holiday was supposed to be spent with my best friends, the PSP and the DS, but so far I think I've only clocked around 3 hours of playing on both?? I'm so sorry guys, you're still my best friends, and I know you'll always be there for me even though I'm not. :(

But yeaaaah hahaha. I hear that there's going to be some sort of Final Fantasy music game coming out? On the 3DS?? Would anyone like to give me a 3DS for Christmas? Then there's also Agito, right? Thank God for it being on the PSP.. Looked through the gameplay on Youtube, and it seems really cool! Hope it's going to be localized. AND FFX, HAHAHAHAHA. I need a PS3 right now!!!!!!

No just kidding, I need it next year. Definitely not right now. Not a good time.

In other news, I'm going to San Fransisco on the 22 of December till the 31st! Gonna be spending Christmas over there, except I'll probably be a little sad at the fact that my mom's not going to be there. :( It's okay!! The fam's celebrating it in Singapore on the 31st, so it looks like my presents are safe. HAHAHAHA. I can't wait to visit a Gamestop in San Frans HAHAHA (don't judge, they don't have Gamestops here!! Or Walmart!!), and my aunt's bringing me to look at Stanford University too. Hmm..

Going to miss the holidays, they end in about three weeks. :(
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29 November 2011 @ 11:15 pm
sky sailing  

Everything will turn out okay soon.

Be kind, 2012. You aren't looking very good at the moment, but that's fine.
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26 November 2011 @ 11:31 pm
It's been a rough week with a roller coaster ride of emotions.

& as the years go by, I'll think of you and sigh, it's just goodnight and not goodbye. )

What an emotional post...
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